How To Make Personalized Name Plates

What is the First Thing that People notice about your Home ?  It is your Entrance that speaks volumes about how great a Host you are , also how much you appreciate people coming to your place. To be Presentable all the time does not mean that you have to wear the most expensive clothes . Sometimes , you can try and get Creative and make things on your own.
The Simple Joys of Life include decorating your Home by adding a personal touch to it. Anybody can go to Michael’s and Hobby Lobby and bring home the most stunning Art Work but to Create, something on your own for the price of peanuts makes the real difference.
I am sharing a Simple , Easy to make Door Name Plate DIY that I had created two years back and remains intact even today.  All you have to do is scroll down to get the full tutorial. Start looking for hidden gems within your storage room, collect them and start creating 🙂

Keep Calm and Decorate



Here are the Few Things that You’re gonna need ;


1- A Pair of Scissors


2- Few Craft Papers



3- A Wooden Frame


4- Garden Stickers


5- A Glue Stick.


6- Glitter Pens / Colors


We are going to start with glueing  Craft Paper of your choice on the inside of the Wooden Frame with the help of a glue stick and scissors. Leave it for a minute and in the meanwhile , take another Craft Paper and write down the Name for your Nameplate. Carefully , start cutting the letters and paste them on the inside.

The Stickers that I have used are easily available in a Dollar Store , 5 for a dollar or so. Paste your choice of flowers on sides of the Frame.Sprinkle some glitter on your Name after spreading some hot glue on the edges . Paste flowers here and there and We’re Done.

Your Door Name Plate DIY is complete for Zero Dollar.

Much Love ,



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