Fun Ways to Decorate With Wine Bottles and Mason Jars

Learn How to Decorate using Wine Bottles and Mason Jars in a zero budget.


Zero Dollar Decor 


The First Step is offcourse to rescue few Wine Bottles and Mason Jars from Recycle Bin. Leave them overnight inside water to get rid of paper residue. You can color them or use them as it is. There are a hundred different ways to decorate with Bottles.

It took me less than an hour to make everything that you see above.  I have made use of Paper Quiling to make Plain White Flowers. There is a certain sobriety and simplicity about white color which pacifies your energy around the home. Another things I used were my Christmas Lights,Barn,Shells,Beach Sand and Colors to decorate everything.

1- Paper Quilling Flowers

These are super easy and quick to make. I am leaving a Youtube Tutorial for your convenience.


maxresdefault (1)
Zero Dollar Decor


2- Christmas Lights

This is a 2 minute DIY Bottle Decor. Place your lights inside the Bottle and let them Shine all night.


Zero Dollar Decor


3- Barn

For a Rustic Decor , place your barn around the Mason Jars with the help of a gluestick and get creative .


Zero Dollar Decor


4- Beach Illusion

I have used Barn on the neck of the bottle alone and gave it a Beach Look. The Beach Sand is from Miami and so are Shells that you see on the right side. I made a little boat and placed it inside the bottle also drew some star fishes on the outside.


Zero Dollar Decor


5- Mason Jar Candle Decor

You can easily find Mason Jars in Dollar Store for a dollar or so. I had wrapped a Craft Paper around the Jar ,pasted heart shaped decor on both sides – front and back. I set up my wicks inside carefully , poured the melted wax inside the Jar. You can also add color and scent to your wax if you want.And let there be Light 🙂

13315651_10207090490400973_1571775301816283921_n (1)

Zero Dollar Decor


If you like what we share , let us know.

Much Love,



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