Eat Sleep Repeat

Hello Fellas ,

Diwali is here and I am super excited for my favorite festival as always. I love everything about this festival – diyas,rangoli,sweets,shopping ,visiting relatives, friends.Though being away from home in a foreign land on this occasion does make me a little sad but I am doing my bit to make things around me happier,brighter and beautiful.

I would be soon uploading  a Diwali DIY Special Post. How many of you get annoyed looking at plain walls.I do. I like to add a personality to walls. Kitchen Wall Decor can get as trendy as you like.

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What we are going to make today is a very easy to make and super cute. It’s a Kitchen Wall Decor using plastic spoons,cardboard,colors and craft papers.

Things that you’ll need ;

1- Cardboard


2- Scissors and  tape


3- Craft Papers



4- Colors


5- Plastic Spoons


P.S – Did you know there’s  lot that can happen with spoons and forks. Check out

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 And we’re ready to go 🙂

We need a cardboard of any size. Begin by pasting spare plastic spoons on the back side using a hot glue or a tape.


Turn it around once it’s dry , paint a color of your choice.I’ve tried giving it a rustic look by coloring it black and brown. Using a pencil write down your favorite kitchen quote. I wrote – Eat Sleep Repeat and pasted it on the cardboard once the paint was dry. This is how it came out to be


I placed a string on the backside in order to hang it on my wall.

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