How Early Do You Start Decorating for Christmas ?


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For most of the folks out there Christmas begins at the mid of December but there are a lot of people for whom Christmas starts in the November. I am already excited about the XMas and can’t wait to start decorating my home for the Holidays. My husband warned me not to take anything out until Thanksgiving.

So, I am watching Christmas Movies and singing – Joy to the World on repeat mode. I have spent 14 years of my Life in a Catholic School with sisters wearing a cross .We had a church inside our school building and a temple. Our Christmas Holidays made my friends from other schools envious. We decorated our school compounds, one of our teachers used to dress up like a Santa Claus and we had a special assembly where a Play was conducted depicting Jesus’s birth.

It was quite ” awesome” as I was born into a hindu family in India. Our school celebrated Christmas like Diwali. I still remember all the prayers that we said every day in the school.I am someone who is always celebrating. I celebrate all the festivals,no matter which religion started them.Christmas happens to be the most favorite of them all.

I can’t wait for Christmas !!!!!

There’s something Grand I got to announce. I would be sharing with you  100 Christmas DIY Ideas in the next 30 days. Yayyyyyy ! drumrolls


Keep Calm and Decorate !


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