Christmas DIY : How to magically transform Dollar Store Fishbowls into a Cute SnowMan

Jingle Bell.Jingle Bell.Jingle all the way 🙂

The Holiday Season is upon us,and with it comes the joy ,love, and warmth of Christmas.It’s time to take out Xmas Decoration Boxes out of storage and decking the halls. But a new DIY now and then never hurt anybody.

I would be sharing 100 Christmas Decor DIY Ideas in next 30 days starting from today. The First of which was shared by Blogger Kelly Dixon of Smart School House created this Fish Bowl Snowman, a craft that is guaranteed to have your friends and family asking how you pulled it off.


You can find the fishbowls easily at a Dollar Store for a dollar. Yes. That’s pretty much everything that you need. To create your own three-tied Frosty, head  to the nearest Dollar Store and  stock up on all supplies you need to make your Christmas Merrier.

For a list of supplies and instructions on what to do next, head to Kelly’s full tutorial at Smart School House.

Wait ! What about Christmas Movies.

I would also be sharing with every DIY Post – a Christmas Movie that you must watch


All I Want for Christmas

It’s like House Arrest, but with all of the charm replaced by tinsel. Not based on the Mariah Carey song (but maybe it would have been better if it had been?). Worth one viewing for Leslie Nielsen as “Santa.”

Share with me your all-time favorite Christmas Movie that you never get tired of watching / the one that changed the way you look at Christmas.


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