Christmas DIY : How To Make A Mini Santa


Your every corner of the room should breathe Christmas ! Let’s begin by decorating our shelf using Mini Santa DIY

Material needed :

1- Paper Rolls



2- Craft Papers ( Red)


3- Cotton Balls


4- Black Marker Pen



5- Brown/ Golden  Paper


Firstly, begin by collecting empty paper rolls of the same size. Paste the craft paper pf red color over the rolls like this


Once you’re done with pasting, divide the rolls into two using scissors. We have to begin from the top,I have used a glittery red craft paper to make Santa’s cap.



Using marker pen, start drawing two parallel black lines in the middle of the roll and fill them with black color.


Now, make rectangular shaped buckle of the belt using brown craft paper and paste it in the middle. Draw another rectangle inside of it using black marker pen


Using glue stick,paste cotton balls spread thoroughly to define Santa’s beard and hairs.Draw his eyes and mouth using sketch pens. Let it dry for 10-15 minutes.This is what you should get –



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