Alternative Christmas Tree Ideas

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Not everyone celebrates Christmas, but if you do, then now’s the usual time to start thinking about Christmas trees. Personally, I love the smell of a good pine. But if you’re looking for something that’s neither an actual tree nor a standard plastic faux, then we’ve got alternative Christmas tree ideas to get you inspired!

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ab567b661873121bda7baddbb50f26e9 This one is for the minimalists.

It’s simple, but it makes a big statement.


abb5c92f6473c7ccf16f1da64ab4dda8 This tissue paper tree is one you just remove from the wall and fold away nicely for next year!

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f9bde1d4732892b220138b8229218f41 There is a traditional hint of pine in this alternative Christmas tree.

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7e74c3fe7c6460f21efbe126824d5817 This Christmas tree tapestry is a fantastic substitute for a real tree.

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57b955ffb0fe46de65d8b7844b21d80e This alternative Christmas tree is looking a little bare, which is very nice for grown-ups but not always so fun for kids.


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2f2cd80bbd5269732b4d2419eea3d8ed The life span of…

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