India Inspired Home Decor Ideas

Indian designs and arts have a unique appeal in the modern world. The Indian inspired homes are colorful, exotic, refreshing and filled with life.

The use of colorful Indian textiles for walls, windows and verandahs easily add an extra oomph to the indoors and outdoors. Indian Arts have become huge trend all over the world. Reflect ” Incredible India” in your homes by easy decor ideas.

1- Kantha

This is one of the oldest techniques of India where new is created out of the old textiles. It could be linen, clothing or quilts but when they are intricately brought together, they create a masterpiece called Kantha. This is an art from West Bengal and Odisha.


2- Β Jhula

Jhula is a hindi word for swing. In traditional homes in all parts of India, one can find jhula in the courtyards and living rooms. They can add a palace like feel to an ordinary home as they bring in class and luxury.


3- Vibrant Colors

One of the easiest ways to add an Indian touch to your home is to infuse as many vibrant colors as you can. The play of colors can add life to the otherwise dormant walls.


4- Wood Furniture

A solid wood furniture is an important element of Indian designs.


5- Handmade Fabrics

India is known worldwide for its spectacular handmade designs and crafts. Fabrics can be used in a varied number of ways inside your home.




I hope you enjoyed reading this Post.

Keep Decorating πŸ™‚





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