10 Ways To Decorate With Indoor Plants

The easiest way to turn your house into a home is by adding plants. Greenery around your space would effortlessly add charm, beauty and positive energy into every corner of the house.

Plants add color,warmth and life to a dull room. Add an extra oomph to indoors and bring home a mini garden.

Here are 10 beautiful ideas to decorate home with indoor plants.

1- Living Room

Add plants in the Living Room to make it more lively and hospitable.( Via Emily Henderson)


2- Corners

There is an awkward corner in every home which strives for a little attention. Large plants in colorful containers will do the needful. (Via Kim Lucian)


3- Hanging around

What’s better than a lively green plant hanging around the ceiling adding a hippie look to the room.( Via Monica Wang)


4- Boho Kitchen

Add bohemian vibes to the kitchen by adding plants.( Via The Jungalow)


5- Bedroom and Plants

What could be better than waking up in this room? (Via Brit Morin)



6- Upgrade your Reading Room

Decorating book cases can be challenging especially when there is a huge collection of thick books. ( Via Home Triangle)


7-  The more, the merrier

Bring in containers of different shapes and colors, add variety of plants to them and you are done. (Via Penguin and Fish)



8- What are windows for after all (Via Wise Apple Decor)



9- No Maintenance House Plants

Are you a beginner, indoor plants that grow in water are your best pick.( Via House Plant Girl)


10- Transform a dull bathroom into an exotic spa by adding plants (Via Design Sponge)






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