Hi, All !

I am Nikita. When I was a young girl, I wanted to become a Fashion Designer or an Interior Decorator. Designs and colors have always left me awestruck. Making things a little prettier has been a personal trait. I create new out of old. I believe our homes should reflect our personalities, dreams, and beliefs. The IDEA behind ” Zero Dollar” Decor is to share the best of DIY and decorating the world with things that are easily available in our homes.


Writing, painting, decorating home, reading, travelling and discovering new cultures and beliefs have fascinated me since childhood. History and mythology send the shiver down my spine. At one time, I also believed, I could be a Historian.

I had started working as soon as I completed my graduation. I used to change my jobs and job titles every six months. I used to send resignation letters at the drop of the hat.After a few years, I realized that I can not fit in 9 to 5 and Yes Sir mode.
Writing, I wondered if I could make it money out of it.I did. This was a perfect job for me as I love books more than people and also because I talk only when it becomes absolutely crucial to speak. I’d rather write. I can make people think and this is my super power.
I am a proud narcissist. I have multiple jobs as a  Chief Editor for Raindrops Magazine, Weekly Columnist at Different Truths, Managing Editor for Purple Hues and Deputy Editor for Aagaman.I have co-authored a dozen Books.  My articles, stories and columns have been featured on Readomania, Aagaman -The Arrival, Writers e-zine, Writing Geeks, Literary and Creativity Magazine and Different Truths.
I have been listed in Top 15 Relationship Bloggers from India and Directory of Best Indian Blogs.I was also awarded – The Best Editor of the Year by Aagaman Literary and Cultural Society.

My other Den – The Enchantress



I hope to bring some great Home Decor Ideas through this Blog

Much Love,