Eat Sleep Repeat

Hello Fellas , Diwali is here and I am super excited for my favorite festival as always. I love everything about this festival – diyas,rangoli,sweets,shopping ,visiting relatives, friends.Though being away from home in a foreign land on this occasion does make me a little sad but I am doing my bit to make things around […]

Make Your Own Plastic Bag Dispenser

We all have one corner of our lower cupboard secured exclusively for plastic bags. Grocery Shopping means tonnes of plastic bags would be hovering around your place. Are you sick of plastic bags spilling out of the corner of your cupboard. Here’s the deal. DIY your own PLASTIC BAG DISPENSER. Things that you’ll need 1- […]

5 Minute Crafts

Hello Fellas , How are you doing ? It’s August already. I have been away for more than a month.So, here I am back with a bang. I’d share today with y’all Pen Holder and Door Decor DIY. Things that You’ll need ; 1- Craft Papers 2- Barn 3- Scissors 4- Glitter Pens 5- Glue […]

All You Need Is An Old Denim Jeans

There comes a time when we finally have to let go of our favorite skinny Denim and a thousand memories attached to them :p Well , No more. I am going to share with You a few easy DIY’s you can do with a pair of old Denim Jeans. 1- Denim Bathroom Slippers 2- Pillows 3- Wall Decor […]